Golden Paws Society logoAs a valued family member, our pets bring great joy and happiness to our lives. Veterinary Services' Golden Paws Society is a senior pet healthcare program that is designed specifically for older dogs and cats to help them enjoy as many wonderful years as medicine allows.

Pets age more rapidly than humans. With the aging process, changes may occur with weight, hair coat, sight, hearing and the ability to move comfortably. Internal changes (such as with the kidneys, liver, thyroid, etc.) may also occur and these are not always as obvious.

Because dogs and cats mask their feelings of illness (it's called "survival of the fittest"), you may not notice subtle changes. As pets enter their senior years (generally 8 years and older, depending upon the species and the breed), they are more likely to develop health problems. Without the benefit of an early detection program, internal diseases often go unnoticed in the early stages.

At Veterinary Services, we want the best care possible for your pet, and so we have developed the Golden Paws Society. In addition to providing exceptional veterinary care, we have partnered with Dr. Sybil Davis of Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation to offer expanded services for your senior pet.

The following is a list of our recommendations for senior pets:

  • A comprehensive physical examination every 6 months. Senior pets age at least 10 to 15 years every time we see them at their yearly examination. Some serious conditions, if correctable, must be caught much sooner. Hence, there is a need for visits every 6 months. This includes discussions of nutrition, arthritis, dentistry and cognitive function.
  • Laboratory testing (blood count, chemistry, electrolytes, thyroid) and a urinalysis yearly
  • Senior pet care handouts and suggested links concerning the most current, up-to-date information to help your pet age gracefully
  • Frequent communications, using whichever means you would like (e.g., email, phone or postcards), to keep your pet up-to-date with our reminder system of their health needs.

Our Partner

  • Dr. Sybil Davis, DVM, CCRP, of Aiken Pet Fitness and Rehabilitation, is a certified canine and feline rehabilitation practitioner. She evaluates every patient and reviews their medical history, current medical problems, body condition, lifestyle, nutrition and medication. Your pet's initial consult is discounted 50%. Dr. Davis will then set up a physical therapy program (at her facility or at home) to give your pet a new lease on life!

Aging is not a disease. However, it can become difficult, and we do not want the years to cut short the time you have with your pet. We welcome the opportunity to make these years golden, longer in quantity and quality. We all love our pets, especially the old ones because they are, truly, our best, old friends.

Interested in learning more? Download our Senior Pet Checklist to monitor your aging pet or call us at (803) 648-5489 for more information or to schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians.