Doc Holly writes the Aiken Standard's 'Pet Talk' column.


Our Chief of Staff Dr. Holly Woltz (Doc Holly) has practiced veterinary medicine for over 25 years and specializes in senior pet care. Now she is sharing her expertise on pet health care with the readers of the Aiken Standard. A former teacher and writer, she enjoys talking and writing about the human-companion animal bond and its importance. You can read her recent "Pet Talk" articles by clicking the links below.

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Published January 3, 2017

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Published December 20, 2016

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Published February 18, 2014

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Published February 4, 2014

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Published January 21, 2014

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Published November 27, 2013

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Published November 6, 2013

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Published October 22, 2013

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Published October 8, 2013

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Published September 24, 2013

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Published August 27, 2013

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Published August 14, 2013

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Published August 4, 2013

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Published July 16, 2013

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Published July 2, 2013